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George Kotaka began competing at the age of 6 years old and has travelled all over to some of the most beautiful countries that the world has to offer: Japan, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Scotland, Venezuela, South Africa, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Finland, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Slovakia, India, and Canada. 

World Titles
World Collegiate


*19TH WKF World Championships - GOLD  

*16TH WKF World Championships - GOLD 

*15TH WKF World Championships - BRONZE 

*2ND WKF World Collegiate Championships - GOLD 

*2001 WKC World Championships - GOLD 

*1996 WKF Jr. World Championships - 2-GOLD

National Titles

*17-Time AAU Kumite Champion

*7-Time AAU Kumite Grand Champion

*10-Time USANKF Kumite Champion


Pan American Titles
Pan American Games

*2008 Pan American Championships - SILVER/BRONZE

*2007 Pan American Championships - BRONZE

*2002 Pan American Championships - BRONZE

*1999 Pan American Games - GOLD

*1999 Pan American Championships - GOLD

*1998 Pan American Championships - SILVER

State Titles
​All Hawaii State

*12-Time All Hawaii State Kumite Champion

*9-Time All Hawaii State Kata Champion


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