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Friends of the Family

Please check out my friend's websites and help support their passion for life and martial arts.



Established in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1966, by founder and president, Chuzo Kotaka. Our programs are tailored to all age groups and all levels. We accept students as young as 5 years old to senior citizens and it does not require any experience. More than 90% of our new students have no karate experience at all but transition by just following the fundamentals. We have a fun and friendly environment that students will find challenging but rewarding. Our programs are built on individual character development through the teachings of traditional Japanese karate. We emphasize self-discipline, respect, humility, and commitment. These values help to promote a learning environment so that we can produce quality students and respectful individuals throughout our communities.


One of my favorite places to shop is Sanbon Gear.  It is a lifestyle brand and the quality and design of their gear is top notch.  They have looks that range from classical to contemporary and they feel incredible to wear.  There is attire for kids, teenagers, females, and males and they have everything from shirts, tank tops, long sleeves, slippers, and hats.  Please click on the link below to see what Sanbon Gear has to offer.


Sensei John Limcaco is chief instructor at the International Karate Federation - Sacramento.  He has been in Sacramento for the past 20 years and has developed some of the most respectable competitors on the US National team. He is known for his innovative teaching methods and undying passion for the sport of karate.  He has been a personal mentor of mine and continues to be a great source of knowledge and wisdom.  If you are in the Sacramento area and looking for a place to train, come and visit Sensei John Limcaco and experience some of the best karate around.



John Fonseca, owner of Fonseca Martial Arts, is located in the state of Illinois and have dojos throughout the Chicago and Northshore area.  Each year Sensei Fonseca hosts an international tournament called the Fonseca Cup that has grown tremendously and showcases some of the best talent from around the world.



Todd Tanaka is owner of Team HK Jiu-Jitsu.  A black belt under word-renowned master, Relson Gracie, Todd is known for his technical ability and knowledge of the Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu system.  He offers classes 7 days a week and offers a multiple of programs that will fit your needs.  Along with your traditional sport and street combative jiu-jitsu, he offers a kids program called Keiki Combat and 3 women's programs: women's self-defense, women's jiu-jitsu, and kickboxing.  If you're looking for an exceptional marital arts program come check out TEAM HK JIU-JITSU and your first class is FREE!

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