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The Kumite Academy is a database of over 200 videos on kumite training by 2-Time WKF World Champion, George Kotaka.  If you are interested in his teaching methods, kumite drills, speed & power training, and philosophy, there is no better place than the Kumite Academy.

There are 4 packages to choose from: VIP, GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE. Each package is tailored to a specific level of student, competitor, or athlete.  Even coaches and instructors can implement the latest kumite drills into your class by watching these videos.  There are over 25 countries signed up with the Kumite Academy already.

Each video is highly detailed and focuses on key points and common mistakes.  You will not be disappointed with the content and each drill is exclusively designed by George Kotaka.


There is a place for everyone at the Kumite Academy, come join it today, and experience the difference.

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